Radical software solutions
for direct selling.

Modern software that makes your job easier and faster without compromising quality, accuracy or credibility fulfilling the objectives.

Enough is Enough

The status quo of software options have forced direct selling companies to choose between a modern front-end or reliable back-end functionality for far too long.

Sadly, many companies find themselves in this confined and extremely frustrating situation.

Fulfilling the objective.

The good news—it is completely unnecessary.

Your Credibility Is On The Line

The real problem that rigid back-ends, dated front-ends, inaccurate and time-consuming reporting create is they chip away at your credibility with the field. 

If the field lacks trust, growth is impossible.


Xirect helps companies reclaim control by providing flexible, reliable and affordable software solutions so you can:

  • Stop feeling forced to compromise quality, accuracy and speed
  • Build trust with your field
  • Reduce frustration
  • Enhance productivity

The Xirect Difference

Direct selling companies have enough unique factors and situations to manage and navigate on a daily basis. Your software should not be one of them.

Software should make your day-to-day business activities and decision making easier, not complicate it or restrict it.

Are you ready to reclaim control over your business?

Rejecting the status quo to begin building and protecting trust from your field is only a few steps away.


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