Xirect is continually expanding its product offerings with solutions that enrich and complement our existing software portfolio. We offer a wide range of services to help you plan, deploy, and optimize the value of your software investment. We offer customized software, mobile solutions, resource augmentation, web services…providing solutions according to your specific needs

Customized Software

IT Tools

We work closely with our clients, we create IT tools to meet the needs of your business, company or entity, which can not be served by the real market, with XIRECT you can do it. We develop different types of software with multiple features such as internal applications (between areas) or connection to external databases (between supplier / distributor and customer), software for centers with computer control, corporate platforms, web applications, increase in sales force , management indicators, digitization, HR management, we adapt to your needs to offer the best solution in the different industries, medical centers, mining companies, construction companies, direct sales and more.

Web Services

Cloud Solutions

Whatever your need, if you require storage for database, content delivery, computing power or other development functionality, XIRECT has the necessary services to help you create sophisticated applications with greater flexibility, scalability and reliability, we provide information security that guarantee the integrity of your company. Xirect has continuous supervision of the state of security. We have a security center responsible for avoiding, detecting and responding to threats with more visibility, also ensuring the control of resources and helping organizations to detect real threats in real time while reducing false positives.
We provide management and control of identity and user access, encryption of communications and operations processes and network protection, blocking unauthorized traffic to and within Microsoft data centers with the help of various technologies. We facilitate the transfer of virtual machines from a local infrastructure to the cloud as often as business requires, without the need for conversion. In a complementary way, it is possible to increase the protection of critical applications with backups managed in the cloud and disaster recovery as an integrated service. Find out how with XIRECT.

Resources Augmentation

Project Specialists

To remain financially competitive, many companies choose to augment their resources rather than maintain a constant headcount. Hiring employees for finite amounts of time gives employers flexibility in their project scopes. They can hire an employee through resource augmentation without making a long-term commitment. For employees, this flexibility is often an ideal situation, giving them opportunity to gain experience without an extended obligation.

Resource augmentation is also known as contracting. Companies hire employees on a contract basis, based on the length of the project on which help is needed.

This is ideal when a company does not wish to make a permanent commitment to hiring additional personnel, but needs additional help or expertise.

Xirect offers you this alternative solution.

Mobile Solutions

In your Hands

At XIRECT we are experts in IT and we develop mobile solutions so that your company can enter this new era, have a global presence and increase its sales. Access to the Internet through mobile devices has brought the number of Internet users to new levels. The features and sensors offered by smartphones that are not available on a PC or laptop create new opportunities. This makes mobile development an independent area with unique capabilities and interaction methods. The development of mobile solutions allows access to multiple services to any device at any time.

These are some examples of our developments:

  • Inventories and asset control.
  • Financial operations of the company.
  • Channel of sale of the products or services that it offers. (Evie)
  • Query information of account statements.
  • Contact and technical support to users. (training and tutorials)
  • E-commerce platform and more.

Implement all these services a competitive advantage to the company and contribute to create a direct link with your customers and build a more pleasant user experience, with XIRECT you can do it.

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