Xirect is participating in CADE Digital 2018, the first Forum in Peru that seeks to promote the digital transformation of the country. In this event, businessmen, Peruvian and foreign authorities involved with innovation and technology participate.

Representing Xirect, are Enma Quiroz, Financial Administrator; Luis Arana, Project Manager and Gabriela Oporto, Commercial Executive, who have witnessed each of the presentations of August 15 and 16.

According to the report of the IMD Business School of Lausanne in Switzerland, Peru ranks 60 out of 63 countries in the digital competitiveness ranking, which makes it urgent to accelerate this process to ensure that our country can scale up and put agenda the needs of business, academia, the State and society.

It should be noted that, the goal of the digital competitiveness ranking is to evaluate the extent to which a country adopts and explores digital technologies that lead to the transformation of government practices, business models and society in general.