The employees of Xirect joined in an act of solidarity and brought great joy to the children of Valdivia Baja in the city of Huanchaco, who received them
with a lot of emotion and excitement. There were 100 children who enjoyed an afternoon full of surprises, due to the games and the moments lived.
Some members of Xirect attended the donations, in which they could realize that there is something more important than material, and it is hope.
This nice initiative, already has several years, so the goal is to promote volunteering and social service in our employees.
One goal that Xirect projects is to take these activities to more places that house our headquarters and operations center. Xirect is not alien to the reality that surrounds it, so it understands perfectly the duty to respond to the need of the community.
Thanks to this effort, Christmas will be different for the children of Valdivia Baja, who gave us back a gift even bigger than a toy, these children were able to give us a sincere and eternal smile.