Xirect is aware that we live in a highly globalized world; Proof of this are the customers from all over the world, that is why the language has become the key to the daily work done by the developers. For this reason, through its highly qualified project, the company has seen fit to give its collaborators the opportunity to study English, so that everyone can communicate in the best way with their clients, since in most of the cases communication is in this language, one of the most spoken in the world.

Xirect Academy, is the most ambitious project of Xirect Software Solutions regarding the labor training of its collaborators, due to the fact that we want to achieve a parity of knowledge among all the staff, so that everyone can respond to the different challenges and projects that show up for the company.

The teachers assigned to teach these classes have divided the participants by levels of learning (basic, intermediate and advanced), and at times suited to their times so they can attend smoothly and can increase their knowledge, not only in software but in this language, which undoubtedly opens the doors to the world.