The Xirect Championship culminated this November 24 with the finals of Football 7 and Voleyball, the collaborators gathered to all sporting events in which more than one stood out for his talent for disciplines such as ping-pong, football, etc.

Date to date, there were matches that will remain in the minds of the spectators, who encouraged their co-workers, who struggled to move to the next round of the sporting contest.

Joy, dedication and a lot of competition is what the members of the Xirect family demonstrated, who expect these events to repeat themselves during 2019.

The winners in this opportunity were:

Men’s double ping pong: Jeanluigui Plasencia and Dennis Echeverría

Ping-pong singles female: Aixa Quispe

Foosball: Alex Montoya and Kevin Polo

Voleyball: The Winners VC

They will be awarded at the Christmas Dinner to be held on December 15, organized by the administration.