Several months ago, augmented reality causes people around the world to go around catching “pokemon”, and to the surprise of many, you can see a group of people running to the same place, walking many miles, just the search for these unique characters. Those who do not have the same cell or do not have the game installed did not understand what was happening, but those who did were waiting, perhaps the dream of their life. They were adding points to be “pokemon masters”, everything, thanks to the augmented reality.

This type of technology allows us to integrate virtual information generated in real time on existing physical reality through smart devices such as SmartPhones or Tablets. Some of the most powerful Augmented Reality engines that exist today are Vuforia, 3D Unit or Layar.

The augmented reality (RA) was popularized with the mythical game, Pokémon Go, but more and more technological giants are interested in it. For example, Apple is a brand that is betting more on augmented reality than on virtual reality. Why? Although it is true, virtual reality is becoming more realistic, it is only a world that does not exist, that is fantasy. Different from augmented reality, which only adds virtual elements to the existing world. What makes the RA more attractive for technology entrepreneurs.

In an interview with the BBC, Apple CEO Tim Cook determined that “Augmented reality (RA) encompasses more than virtual reality (VR), probably by far, because it gives us the possibility to be present and to communicate, but also that we enjoy other things visually “. In addition, Cook said that what virtual reality does is to isolate the individual from the real world, which makes it less attractive.

In this sense, the area where this technology is being developed without measure is in the business world, being used mostly in campaigns of different brands or products, being an effective tool in the opening and loyalty of customers or followers.