Mery sending a message to the attending public.


The Private University Antenor Orrego (UPAO) made a week of exhibitions on Systems and software, in which we were present with the exhibition “The role of women in technology”, in charge of our Quality Assurance Manager, Mery Inolopú Castro.

In her presentation, Mery, addressed the issue of the role she has fulfilled and that fulfills her peers in the world of software, as a key piece in the great advances, in addition to the challenges that women have today.

Statistics in the world and in Latin America have been growing steadily, for example, Mery highlighted María Teresa Arnalm, Director of Google Mexico as an outstanding female character for this part of the world.

Also, our Manager Q.A. She stressed the importance of her colleagues in the continuous development in Xirect these 7 years of the company in the software.

Finally, the Director of the School of Systems Engineering, Dr. Luis Urrelo Huiman gave a recognition to Mery Inolopú Castro for his magnificent presentation and the powerful message he sent to the audience