Xirect Software Solutions was originally formed in 2011 to address the deficiency of quality software options in the Network Marketing industry. It was formed by a team of experienced IT and Network Marketing executives skilled at creating solutions that address the stress, pain, and frustration of trying to manage and grow a direct selling business with outdated software, band-aid fixes, as well as overpriced and unresponsive ‘service’ providers.

Xirect has not only become a leader in the MLM software space, but it has also expanded its services by taking advantage of its ability to attract highly talented resources and teams that truly focus on the needs of its clients. Customized software application development, resource augmentation, web services, and mobile solutions are now important elements of the Xirect core offering which companies in all industries are taking advantage of.

Whether your company is big or small, Xirect is perfectly positioned to provide incredible solutions and the help you need at discounted rates.

Vision & Mission

To become the global leader in Direct Selling technology and a premier partner on technology solutions.
Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions at a fair price while providing the highest level of support that gives our clients the control they need to move their business forward.

Principles and Values

Wellness, recognition and justice.
Dignity, respect, compromise, responsibility, teamwork, honesty and quality.

Our offer

Custom Software

We develop custom systems tailored to your requirements.

Cloud Services

We offer online solutions that will optimize your resources.

Specific Personal

We have talent personnel to develop your IT projects with you in your company.


We develop services so that your company is at the forefront.

Why Xirect?


The Xirect offering was designed and built using an extremely flexible Cloud architecture that gives us a huge competitive advantage!. We have eliminated Redundancy, Scalability, and Reliability concerns that most providers really struggle with. This allows us to create and deploy highly customizable, robust applications without the hassle of managing infrastructure. When necessary, we can bring up servers in Microsoft datacenters almost anywhere in the world in hours.



Xirect’s robust Commission Engine is unequaled. Streamlined development process (for every kind of compensation plan). Comprehensive auditing tools for in-depth analysis prior to committing results to the field. Commissions Data Modeling Tools provide powerful, fast analytics for evaluating potential changes to plan.


The Xirect modular offering allows clients to choose our full, integrated solution or individual modules, which can be integrated independently of the full suite, thus allowing them to select best of breed. So, whether you’re in need of Core modules, Complementary modules, or our full offering – we have what you need!.


As a company, having control over the branding messages that get delivered to and used by thousands of distributors is both a proactive sales decision and protection as a responsible business partner. Replicated Websites, Promotions, Banner Management, Events, Email Templates, Alerts etc.


Upon founding the company, our primary objective was putting together an All-Star lineup – industry super-stars who fully understand our unique business model and what it takes to succeed. Experience on the Client-side as well as the Software Provider-side was critical. We know what issues you face on a daily basis and how to overcome them!.


Xirect is a global company and uniquely positioned to take advantage of the global economy – something we understand well.Working closely with international clients and markets is a huge priority for us. We currently have four offices but are considering further expansion to meet our international needs.

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