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Xirect is an incredible company to work for; providing exciting employment opportunities and possibilities for advancement. As demonstrated by our leading-edge cloud platform, we are all about innovation and being better than our competition. We are continually looking for talented professionals who are passionate about what they do and share our vision of becoming an industry leader.

If you have the necessary skills for this position, please send your resume to jobs@xirectss.com and if your qualifications match what we're looking for, we'll reach out and contact you.


Call us for a Demo: +1 385-707-0700

Technology Solutions for Your Company

Opportunities Available

Project Manager

QA Specialist

World Headquarters

Phone: (385) 707-0700

Address: 5252 Edgewood Dr Suite 325, Provo, UT 84604, United States

South America Offices

Address: Urb. Covicorti Mz E, Trujillo - Perú.

Europe Headquarters

Phone: +34 914147816
Address: Cuatro Torres Business Area
Pase de la Castellana 259C, Planta: 18
Madrid, Spain

Sales Department